Our voluntary programs are  ideal for people who are looking to gain international work experience whilst  sharing and  enhancing their own skills and experiences to reach out at grassroots levels and aid the NGOs  in serving the communities effectively.

Through Volunteering at VNC, you can do good for others while doing good for yourself. The experience can help you build capacity and help us progress towards our long-term goals. It can also enhance your resume as you gain pivotal hard as well as soft skills.

You will be able to help in our projects with a range of tasks, including general administration, grant writing, research, marketing, fundraising, website development, content creation, graphic design, IT support, etc.

As our projects are often limited by financial and staffing constraints, support of volunteers — local and international, is invaluable to further our efforts. If you are interested to lend a helping hand, fill out the form and we’ll reach out to you positively.

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